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Find our what your name is in Hawaiian. The perfect way to find a Hawaiian Baby Name. A list of names in which the usage is Hawaiian. Hawaiian names are used by the indigenous people of Hawaii. .. Hawaiian form of MICHAEL. MOANA f & m. Michael translation in English- Hawaiian dictionary. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. August 24, at 1: November 18, at 7: January 17, at 4: Recent Posts Local Cravings — Satisfying Your Taste Buds Keeaumoku Seafood — As Fresh As casino automaten erklärung Gets Pidgin English Officially Recognized as Language by U. Tamara - Kamala Tammy - Kami Tara - Kali Taryn - Kilana Taylor - Kailolu Ted - Keka Teddy - Keki Teresa - Keleka Terrance - Kelenike Terrence - Kelenike Terry - Keli Thelma - Kama Theodore - Keokolo Theresa - Keleka. In other words, relax tampax.

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Scroll down to your name in the list below and find its Hawaiian Name equivalent next to it:. May 30, at 9: Next article Your Name In Hawaiian — K. Eat Ahi Assassins — Fresh, Never Frozen. Paulette - Poloke Pauline - Polina Pearl - Momi Pedro - Pekelo Peggy - Peki Penelope - Penelope Penny - Peni Percy - Peleki Perry - Peleki Peter - Pika Peyton - Peikonu Philip - Pilipo. hawaiian name for michael


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