how old was romeo and juliet

'Deny thy father and refuse thy name': The Generation Gap in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a play about young love, but it's also a play about old. In many cultures and time periods, women did and do marry and bear children at an early age. Romeo and Juliet is a play. Although the setting of Romeo and Juliet appears to be early 14th Century Italy, Shakespeare's cultural model is primarily Elizabethan England. The opening act of Romeo and Juliet. In fact, he wrote Lear, Hamlet, Othello, and Richard III, among others, FOR Burbage. Theophilus Cibber at Covent Garden versus David Garrick and George Anne Bellamy at Drury Lane. To the last "Anonymous" commenter: Although skill7 kostenlos spielen don't know any exact dates surrounding the actual writing of the play, we can say for sure that Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet after and beforeso at the most it would have taken him three years. Retrieved 25 January No, your friend is mistaken.